Here area few selected quotes from reviews of my recent performances:

The Pearl Fishers (Melbourne Opera) Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne. (September 2014)

Michael Lampard as Zurga in Melbourne Opera's 2015 Pearl Fishers
Michael Lampard as Zurga in Melbourne Opera’s 2015 Pearl Fishers

“Baritone Michael Lampard as Zurga was the pick of the singers…”
Review by Barney Zwartz, The Age

“Meanwhile, as Zurga, Michael Lampard was a tower of strength and sang magnificently.”
Review by Graham Ford, Stage Whispers.

“With a strong, focused voice and his shaved head, Michael Lampard was a more assertive Zurga… but had his own brand of sensitivity.”
Review by Heather Levitson, Classic Melbourne

Der Freischütz (Melbourne Opera) Athenaeum Theatre,

Michael in Melbourne Opera's 2015 Der Freischutz
Michael in Melbourne Opera’s 2015 Der Freischutz

Melbourne. (February 2015)

Baritone Michael Lampard practically steals the show before it has scarcely begun, energetically delivering Kilian’s infectious mocking song “Let him gaze on me as king.”
Review by Simon Parris, Man in Chair

Special mention must be made of Michael Lampard as Kilian, the Marksman’s shooting rival. Lampard’s vocal and acting skills gave great impetus to Act I.
Review by Robert Holdsworth, Australian Book Review

The Garden (Forest Collective) Kew Court House, Melbourne. (July 2014)

As Anthony in The Forest Collective's 2014 'The Garden'
As Anthony in The Forest Collective’s 2014 ‘The Garden’

“Lampard’s voice is a real treat: smooth, unaffected and easy tone, pure, while still quite full, and never sounding forced or pushed. Similarly, his stage presence was relaxed and grounded…”
Review by Alexandra Mathew, Limelight Magazine




Zenith (with Rhodri Clarke) ‘Australian Melodies recital. Melbourne Recital Centre Salon (June 2014)Rhodri Clarke and Michael Lampard (Zenith) peforming at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon 2013

“A triumph…
The Zenith partnership is comfortable, Lampard’s baritone well-honed and resonant…”

Review by Clive O’Connell, Sydney Morning Herald.