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Michael Lampard on youtube as ʻArt Song Collectorʼ (Features a growing collection of English art song,  all performed and recorded live by Michael Lampard)

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Australian Composer/Classical Music Producer Matthew Dewey:

English Composer Ian Venables:

Australian Composer Scott McIntyre:

Australian Composer Stuart Greenbaum:

American Composer Juliana Hall:

Australian Composer Graeme Koehne:

Australian Composer: Aristea Mellos:

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Young Australian Composer/Conductor Evan Lawson:

Australian Composer/Conductor Kevin Purcell:

Welsh Composer John Metcalf:

English Composer/Organist Christopher Boodle:


Pianist and accompanist Philippa Moyes:

Pianist/Composer Michael Kieran Harvey:

Performer/Composer/Musical Driector Craig Wood:

Viola Player William Lane:

Singer, researcher and academic Philip Lancaster:

Producer, and Cellist Chris Howlett:

Conductor, Pat Miller:

Melbourne Piano Trio:

Pianist Daniel De Borah: